Ace Nephrology Inc is the newly built private nephrology  practice expanded from Tulare County to serve Fresno county to meet its increasing demands of patients who need care for  their hypertension and kidney health.  Physician at Ace Nephrology is dedicated to care for the patients with the motto bearing in the heart " Your kidney, your health. Our passion".  We ensure easy referral from colleague providers and accept  new patients with immediate availability for urgent consultation. 


Ace Nephrology Inc is affiliated with the Community Regional Medical Center (Fresno, Clovis), St Agnes hospital, Fresno heart & surgical hospital and Kaweah Delta medical center providing immediate consultation on hypertension & acute and chronic kidney diseases and following them along during the course of hospital stay.   Patients who need close monitoring are followed up in office with easily available appointment for continuity of care.  For those patients who become renal replacement therapy dependent are well informed and educated ahead of time what to expect and different options of renal replacement therapy are discussed.  Patients are helped to reach what is best suited choice for them with ultimate goal to get listed for renal transplant.  Excellent post renal transplant care is provided after successful renal transplant.

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